Lewis LH4 Set (front+rear) black

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most powerful, engineered for downhill and enduro.

  • patent pending 2-in-1 adjustement technology for lever width and bite point.
  • light weight = 597g (set with hose)
  • 14 + 17mm stainless steel pistons
  • hinged clamp
  • easy bleeding
  • mineral oil
  • kevlar hoses
  • high precision CNC machining
  • extreme powerful and superior modulation
  • ultra-light lever action
  • bearing pivots

Items delivered:

2x caliper

4x titanium bolts pink*

1x front lever

1x rear lever

1x black kevlar-hose front 90cm

1x black kevlar-hose rear 165cm

2x brake pads (pair)

1x parts for shortening

*just for end customers